Definition of stop-and-go in US English:



  • usually as modifier Alternate stopping and restarting of progress.

    ‘stop-and-go driving’
    • ‘I've also always heard that stop-and-go driving is harder on cars than freeway driving.’
    • ‘I'm driving in stop-and-go traffic, and the car ahead has one of those bumper stickers that's just a bit too small to read at a safe distance.’
    • ‘Traffic was ridiculously slow on the highway - all this stop-and-go nonsense, which made it hard to relax.’
    • ‘The motors of most motile species studied reverse the sense of rotation, whereas the motors of some rotate unidirectionally but can adjust their rotary speed or follow a stop-and-go pattern of rotation.’
    • ‘Each chapter embodies the chronology of the story it has to tell, corresponding to the stop-and-go progress of science.’
    • ‘Continuing through the night in stop-and-go traffic we went another 83 miles into Iraq, reaching a second fuel point.’
    • ‘They make no difference to fuel economy even in stop-and-go driving conditions.’
    • ‘In stop-and-go traffic, the battery is almost continually charging.’
    • ‘Unfortunately these systems aren't accurate or dependable enough to work at slow speeds or in stop-and-go traffic.’
    • ‘Commuters endure twice as much stop-and-go traffic as they did a decade ago.’
    • ‘Thus it achieves markedly better mileage in stop-and-go city driving than on the open highway.’
    • ‘Between email, cell phones and stop-and-go traffic, there's barely time to breathe, let alone attend a dance performance.’
    • ‘Since 1970 spending on information technology has followed a stop-and-go pattern rather than a steady rise.’
    • ‘Because a hybrid makes more extensive use of the electric motor in stop-and-go driving, that's where you get the best gas mileage.’
    • ‘Deciding among these hybrids depends on whether you want off-road ability or more horsepower, and whether you do lots of stop-and-go commuting or spend more time at highway speeds.’
    • ‘The battery kicks in at idle speeds making stop-and-go city driving ultra-efficient, and on long stretches of highway, the battery automatically takes charge while coasting.’
    • ‘My wife arrived home at eight-thirty, the usual 40-minute drive stretching to more than 3 hours of stop-and-go traffic.’
    • ‘The ship was heading south at a stop-and-go pace without sound.’
    • ‘I also tell people to stand up so that the boat motion seems more like the automobile stop-and-go motion they are used to.’
    • ‘You're sitting in your car, wearied again by the same old stop-and-go rush hour traffic.’