Definition of stooped in US English:



  • 1(of a person) having the head and shoulders habitually bent forward.

    ‘a thin, stooped figure’
    • ‘Over time, multiple fractures of the spine can result in a stooped posture, a loss of height, and continual pain.’
    • ‘He was thin, tall, stooped, had dirty finger nails, smelt of cooking oil, used to roll his own tabs, and systematically looked like he was growing a beard or just about to shave it off.’
    • ‘The large wooden door creaked open and the stooped figure of my great Uncle Lex leaned tiredly against the frame.’
    • ‘Nathan, a thin, stooped man with melancholy eyes, hardly expressed surprise when he heard about the picture.’
    • ‘Elderly now and slightly stooped, Timothy walks with crutches as he slowly makes it down the stairs of their home.’
    • ‘Then it all came back: the angle of the stroke, the bent knees and stooped posture, the gliding rhythm.’
    • ‘A small, stooped old man emerged from the back of the shop, and walked to stand opposite them, on the other side of the counter.’
    • ‘Behind the jailhouse, lurking in the shadows was the stooped figure of a man.’
    • ‘She was a very thin, mousy, slightly stooped woman looking no older than a student.’
    • ‘His water-plastered gray beard, his stooped frame, and the weathered lines of his face made his age apparent.’
    • ‘Hilal was a commanding figure, even in his eighties, thin, stooped and nearly blind.’
    • ‘Upon recognizing his visitor, the stooped figure silhouetted inside the doorway straightened and smiled.’
    • ‘His older brother had died of tuberculosis in the spring of 1789, a twisted, stooped, sad little figure, wasting away under the gilded ceilings of Versailles.’
    • ‘Christopher is approaching 83, a stocky, somewhat stooped figure who walks in a determined fashion through the house and gardens as if he were 30 years younger.’
    • ‘He walked past, somewhat stooped, without paying any attention to me.’
    • ‘I gave a strangled cry of discomfort, and my father's shape, black in the dim kitchen light, appeared behind the man's stooped figure.’
    • ‘Read it and you form a mental image of the author: a priest of the old school, gaunt, stooped and elderly, with a mane of shoulder-length white hair and a black frock coat.’
    • ‘In front of me was a solitary woman, stooped and gray-haired, carrying nothing.’
    • ‘It depicts a viaduct with stick figures walking across it, slightly stooped and outlined against a stormy sky.’
    • ‘She remembers a tiny, stooped little old man, frail and slow.’
    1. 1.1 (of the shoulders or another part of the body) habitually bent forward.
      ‘the man was slight, with stooped shoulders’
      • ‘Notice how mousy and tentative his stance is, his shoulders stooped and his left arm crooked in a defensive position.’
      • ‘He was short, overweight and carried the miles of his travels heavily on his stooped shoulders.’
      • ‘He was a tall man, his shoulders stooped and twisted, his spine leaning slightly to the left.’
      • ‘An old man with stooped shoulders and thinning white hair emerged from the stables.’
      • ‘With her lowered head and stooped shoulders, she totters across the stage.’
      • ‘‘You are tired,’ he said gently, beginning to massage her stooped shoulders.’
      • ‘With his peroxide head bowed, eyes closed, the old man feels his way forward, bandy legs shuffling, shoulders stooped, senses bat sharp, as keen as razor wire.’
      • ‘He had a sharp nose in a thin, feral face, with a long pointed chin; his wide shoulders were stooped and he walked with a rolling gait.’
      • ‘I was noticing that Rod's shoulders are getting stooped.’
      • ‘He is like a younger version of Philip, whose sunken chest, stooped shoulders, and hollow eyes lend him the appearance of a man twice his age.’
      • ‘He pretended to mope, shoulders stooped and head down.’
      • ‘The fate of their tiny world rests in Norman's hands, and on Simon's stooped shoulders.’