Definition of stony-iron in US English:



  • (of a meteorite) containing appreciable quantities of both rock and iron.

    • ‘If sliced, the peridioles are exposed, giving the false impression of a stony-iron meteorite.’
    • ‘Chondrites are made primarily of rock and so have a lower density than stony-iron meteorites, which contain some metal.’


  • A stony-iron meteorite.

    • ‘The crust is more prevalent on stones and stony-irons and may have partially flaked off.’
    • ‘Pallasites are the most common type of stony-irons but are rare meteorites, with probably less than one percent of all meteorites being pallasites.’
    • ‘Nickle-iron can be found in many stone meteorites in the form of small flakes or in irons and in stony-irons as large chunks or as the entire mass of the meteorite.’
    • ‘Material like that of the stony-irons is thought to occur at the core-mantle boundary of the Earth.’
    • ‘Irons and stony-irons are dense, with up to equal amounts of silicates and iron, and are often irregular in shape.’