Definition of stoneware in US English:



  • A type of pottery which is impermeable and partly vitrified but opaque.

    as modifier ‘a stoneware jar’
    • ‘There are pots and pans to hand-built pieces and sculptures in stoneware pottery.’
    • ‘Although light in weight and less prone to chipping than delftware, this new refined earthenware was still not as durable as white salt-glazed stoneware.’
    • ‘These grandly baroque pieces in polished red stoneware are precursors of the white porcelain that was to follow in the 1730s and 40s.’
    • ‘The carry a top selection in home baking, bread, cakes, gluten free products, jams and preserves, free range eggs, bedding plants, organically grown vegetables and stoneware pottery.’
    • ‘According to material, methods of production, and finish, pottery can be classified in three categories - earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain.’
    • ‘Even Chinese porcelain and German stoneware, both present in the earliest settlements, arrived aboard British ships.’
    • ‘While ceramics, stoneware and porcelain are the most frequently used materials, artists have also crafted vessels from wood, metal, glass, plastic, crystal, fiber, beading and recycled materials.’
    • ‘They make stoneware, porcelain and ‘raku’ at the pottery, using simple ingredients such as Dorset clay ball, Devon china clay, local sand, granite from Cornwall, feldspars, limestone and basalt from Somerset.’
    • ‘Even Doat's preferred ceramic mediums - porcelain and stoneware - embody his fascination with Chinese and Japanese art.’
    • ‘Flanking the hearth is an assortment of nineteenth-century salt-glazed stoneware from New Jersey and New York.’
    • ‘He expresses his creativity in porcelain and stoneware and also uses the ancient Japanese art of Raku.’
    • ‘Well Maria was saying to Juanita just this morning that her favorite stoneware crock had fallen and spilled flour all over the floor.’
    • ‘The majority of work is stoneware and porcelain tableware.’
    • ‘The company has been buying much of its stoneware in China, but its fine china is still manufactured at its own plants in Britain.’
    • ‘Visitors to the exhibition can find many North American porcelain, stoneware and earthenware pieces, with influences drawn from a variety of sources, including nature, society, and history.’
    • ‘Bell experimented successfully with a number of glazes and created a wide variety of forms in earthenware and stoneware.’
    • ‘The stoneware piece is made from fired ceramic clay, glazed and gilded in 23-carat gold.’
    • ‘She said the secret to their success was using loose-leaf tea brewed in brown Chatsford stoneware pots and served in bone china cups and saucers.’
    • ‘Unlike tin-glazed earthenware, white salt-glazed stoneware was ideally suited to slip casting and press molding into intricate shapes, and plaster of Paris greatly facilitated these processes.’
    • ‘This was a school that looked to the ceramics of Picasso rather than the functional stoneware pottery of Bernard Leach.’
    dishes, pots, crocks, plates, bowls, cups, saucers
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