Definition of stoneroller in US English:



  • A small freshwater fish of the minnow family that uses the hard ridge on its lower jaw to scrape food, especially algae, from rocks.

    Genus Campostoma, family Cyprinidae: several species, including the central stoneroller (C. anomalum) of the eastern and central US, and the Mexican stoneroller (C. ornatum) of the southwestern US and northern Mexico

    • ‘Typically, the central stoneroller lives in small streams in riffle areas (shallow water where the flow is broken by the stones and gravel on the streambed).’
    • ‘As streams become more silt laden, gravel nesting sites become lost, and species like the stoneroller decline.’
    • ‘As a species, stonerollers are fairly intolerant of silt and disappear from degraded streams.’
    • ‘Found in both pools and riffles over a sand-gravel substrate, stonerollers require some current.’
    • ‘We netted lots of sunfish, and some stonerollers and blackspotted topminnows.’