Definition of stonemasonry in US English:



  • See stonemason

    • ‘The only part of the inscription visible suggests that this piece of stonemasonry should really be at the head of the last resting place of a woman called Elizabeth.’
    • ‘It describes how family members over the years - through trades including farming, textiles, building and stonemasonry - have made a lasting impact on the village and its surrounding area.’
    • ‘Over four days of tough competition, the best of the world's young people fight for the title of world champion in 36 trades ranging from cookery, welding and stonemasonry to information technology, carpentry and computer-aided design.’
    • ‘This is called the Grand Gallery and is a truly spectacular example of stonemasonry.’
    • ‘After completing a course in draughtsmanship he did an apprenticeship in stonemasonry, emerging as an entrepreneur in 1981.’