Definition of stone pine in US English:

stone pine


  • An umbrella-shaped southern European pine tree with large needles, very large glossy brown cones, and edible seeds (“pine nuts”).

    Pinus pinea, family Pinaceae

    Also called umbrella pine
    • ‘The Mediterranean stone pine, P. pinea, grows at quite low altitudes, as anyone familiar with the landscapes of Provence, Italy, and the Middle East will be aware.’
    • ‘Until the early 1960s, this coast was pure, unadulterated nature: sea and rocks, prickly pears, stone pines and juniper, encircling the occasional sandy beach.’
    • ‘The vegetation in the study area consists of a mixed woodland of stone pine and cork oak.’
    • ‘Such scenes, with stone pines and Antique fragments, classically structured, with forts and hill towns patterned in sharp cubes against the landscape, are intensely evocative of ancient Rome.’
    • ‘He explained that it owes its name to its resemblance in shape and size to the nuts found in the cones of the stone pine.’


stone pine

/ˌstōn ˈpīn/