Definition of stone marten in US English:

stone marten


  • A Eurasian marten that has chocolate-brown fur with a white throat.

    Martes foina, family Mustelidae

    Also called beech marten
    • ‘The culprits are stone martens, which like to hide in the warm crevices next to car engines.’
    • ‘Weather and punishing terrain restricted our movements much beyond Tahawndam, but we had already found three large mammal species not previously known to live in Myanmar: blue sheep, black muntjac (barking deer), and stone marten.’
    • ‘In both Europe and Australia, bat lyssaviruses seem to be maintained only in indigenous bat populations, although European bat lyssavirus has been detected in a few sheep and in a stone marten, which is an arboreal mammal.’
    • ‘The stone marten is native on the Adriatic islands, and the small Indian civet has been introduced to Ngazidja.’