Definition of stone dead in US English:

stone dead


  • predicative Completely dead.

    ‘he was stone dead’
    figurative ‘that killed the conversation stone dead’
    • ‘It was a shot that held no threat, but it hit the tape of the net, lingered and fell softly, stone dead on the other side of the net.’
    • ‘In short, the ratification process is stone dead, as is the constitutional treaty.’
    • ‘They know a veto from the French, Russians or Chinese will kill it stone dead.’
    • ‘When we came to the point it was stone dead, the place was so quiet.’
    • ‘Unlike the quickly revived flies, the larvae I have brought into the cabin seem stone dead even after hours of relative warmth.’
    • ‘There is a realistic chance that there could be a ‘no’ vote in both countries, in which case the treaty is stone dead.’
    • ‘That change alone would likely have killed the legislation stone dead.’
    • ‘Are we really doing the poor a favour if we structure the world trade system so that it kills innovation stone dead?’
    • ‘Then a bomb exploded nearby and there was Ken lying on the street beside him, stone dead, not a mark on him.’
    • ‘He thought his love slept sweetly: he finds she is stone dead.’
    • ‘George's claim that devolution would knock independence stone dead has gained credence over recent months.’
    • ‘It's had enough and has stopped stone dead, and doesn't even have enough juice in the battery to get us on the ferry.’
    • ‘However, no amount of protest can put the Western route back on the agenda because it was killed stone dead by the environmental impact assignment.’
    • ‘Even a medium-spiced curry, using possibly lamb with rich tomatoes and onions, would kill any lager stone dead.’
    • ‘She was dead, stone dead, and whoever had killed her had been sick enough to pin a note on her body.’
    • ‘Another double burst of tries just before half time killed the contest stone dead.’
    • ‘Indeed, to impose on satirical programmes a current affairs concept of balance would be to kill them stone dead.’
    • ‘Their travels showed how much we must improve public transport to kill road proposals stone dead.’
    • ‘But there, sure enough, at the top of the stairs lay her husband, stone dead, the blood from his wounds dripping down to the steps below him.’
    • ‘Having played with the breeze they led by 20 points at half-time and just to demonstrate that their superiority had nothing to do with the elements they crossed for another try three minutes after half-time to kill the game stone dead.’


stone dead

/ˌstoʊn ˈdɛd//ˌstōn ˈded/