Definition of stomach muscles in US English:

stomach muscles

plural noun

  • The muscles constituting the front wall of the abdomen.

    • ‘The veteran fast bowler has not yet fully recovered from a niggling stomach muscle strain which kept him out of the recent third and final Test against New Zealand.’
    • ‘The 65 year-old defied a stomach muscle injury to win gold in the 300m hurdles and in a record breaking 100m hurdles.’
    • ‘The downkick phase uses the quadriceps and stomach muscles.’
    • ‘The stomach muscle injury that stubbornly refused to heal forced her to reassess her goals.’
    • ‘Because they tear the stomach muscle, that makes the comeback harder.’
    • ‘He was similarly impressed by his contribution before he succumbed to a stomach muscle strain against France four nights ago.’
    • ‘He pitched in 69 games last season despite missing three weeks with a pulled stomach muscle.’
    • ‘When you use your midsection muscles like this, it lets the stomach muscles support the upper body, reducing energy-sapping stress from the back.’
    • ‘Doctors are still pleased with his remarkable recovery but want him to have another operation in the next few months to tighten up his stomach muscle which would stop potentially damaging and acidic reflux reaching his lungs.’
    • ‘The goal of exercise is to make your back and stomach muscles stronger.’
    • ‘I knew I had to be careful in that match after recovering from a torn stomach muscle.’
    • ‘But unfortunately yesterday in training, he felt quite a lot of pain in the lower regions, not where he's had the strained stomach muscle.’
    • ‘Concentrate on using your stomach muscles to help you.’
    • ‘He might not be able to start the opener because of a pulled stomach muscle.’
    • ‘She also decided to have reconstructive surgery at the same time, surgeons using some of her stomach muscle for the reconstruction.’
    • ‘They may become weakened and prone to injury and strain, while the deeper layers of stomach muscle can lose their tone if they are not used to help support the spine.’
    • ‘He said: ‘After about two minutes of coming on at Bradford, I overstretched trying to get to a ball and I strained the stomach muscle.’’
    • ‘Then, two days before the race, she trips over a curb and tears a stomach muscle.’
    • ‘The Volcano, as he was once nicknamed by an Aussie commentator struggling to pronounce his name, arrived at the Bulls after a year out with a stomach muscle injury.’
    • ‘The stomach muscles churn and mix the food with acids and enzymes, breaking it into much smaller, digestible pieces.’