Definition of stodginess in US English:



  • See stodgy

    • ‘Not in the mood for stodginess, I'd opted for the Akhini Chicken, a mild dish with pineapple, almonds and sultanas.’
    • ‘With growth and stability has come stodginess, predictability and excessive caution.’
    • ‘They also sensed that the music promised, or symbolised, a release from the nineteenth-century bourgeois stodginess which had somehow culminated in the war.’
    • ‘He produces a familiar litany of complaints about the Review: stodginess, Anglophilia, nonchalance toward younger contributors.’
    • ‘Given the blather SFO dispenses about ‘modern’ and ‘contemporary’ solutions to the stodginess of opera, how disappointing is it when an apotheosis, written into the music, is funked by the production team?’