Definition of stodgily in US English:



  • See stodgy

    • ‘You get your hero's origin sequence, decent overview of his costume and civilian life, stodgily staged romance, plus two of the comic series' better baddies.’
    • ‘His work is a testament to the artist's need to clarify and baffle - and a reproach to the present, when ‘independent’ now means a stodgily narrative film with a slot at Sundance and a chance to get it released by Miramax.’
    • ‘Though undeniably talented, Martin exhibits a hesitant sense of what separates the singingly oral from the stodgily ordinary.’
    • ‘For the most part, however, it's content to coast by on the romantic-adventure premise stodgily laid out in an uninspired screenplay.’
    • ‘The hardware engravings themselves often seem to have been collected with the tastes of particular overseas markets in mind, and can contain a mixture of the stodgily old-fashioned and the frivolously up-to-date to please all tastes.’