Definition of stocky in English:



  • (of a person) broad and sturdily built.

    • ‘She gave a description of the robber which described him as being broad shouldered and stocky, which the appellant was not.’
    • ‘Not the squat, stocky Napoleon we recognise today, but a young, handsome neo-classical hero.’
    • ‘His stocky fatigue-clad body was set in an attitude of hopeless challenge.’
    • ‘The next edition of the paper described the assailant as five ten, two hundred pounds, heavy set, stocky.’
    • ‘In all reality, he actually carried the weight very well on his stocky body.’
    • ‘He sat up, revealing broad, stocky shoulders and thickset arms to go along with him.’
    • ‘He said he was stocky, not too tall, very broad shouldered and middle-aged.’
    • ‘But nothing had been recorded about the young man described as quite thick-set and stocky for his age.’
    • ‘The other was 26, stocky, with short hair and was wearing a white jersey.’
    • ‘Now police are appealing for information about the man, who was in his 50s, white, stocky and tall.’
    • ‘The suspect is thought to be white, aged between 30 and 40 years old, with a stocky build and black hair.’
    • ‘The one who fired the airgun was around 5ft 10 in, of medium to stocky build with blond hair.’
    • ‘Not far from me a stocky, no-nonsense, suntanned man was watching with an unamused face.’
    • ‘The man caught on CCTV footage is described as of fairly stocky build, wearing a hooded top under a dark overcoat.’
    • ‘One had long unkempt hair and badly rotting teeth; the other was short, stocky and dressed in a clean tracksuit.’
    • ‘He's a stocky cat, a chunky cat, but he's no larger than your average size country cat.’
    • ‘He always had a bit of an inferiority complex because he's smaller, but he was very broad and stocky.’
    • ‘Then a stocky built lad appeared and started doing triple summersaults and all manner of spectacular dives.’
    • ‘He was described as being in his early 30s of stocky build with a shaven head.’
    • ‘He said a stocky man, aged about 30, approached one of the girls as she stood on the bank of the brook while her friend was on the swing.’
    thickset, heavily built, sturdy, sturdily built, heavyset, bull-necked, chunky, solid, dumpy, stubby, stumpy, squat
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