Definition of stockman in English:


Pronunciation: /ˈstäkˌman//ˈstäkmən/


  • 1A person who looks after livestock.

    • ‘Gaits represent the amount of grazing consumed by three sheep and their lambs and this year they had been unable to find stockmen for 300 cattle gaits and 50 sheep gaits.’
    • ‘The Australian stockmen who crafted the cattle dog out of several breeds were looking for the ideal dog.’
    • ‘He came alone to Australia at the age of 16 and for some years he worked as an itinerant stockman on cattle stations in central Queensland and the Gulf country.’
    • ‘While his journey to the region last month lacked the sheep, cattle and stockmen of his previous visit, he said the place had retained its charm.’
    • ‘Of the 187 whites killed, the majority were convicts working as shepherds and stockmen on isolated properties in remote locations.’
    • ‘As long as people can remember the North Western Cattle breeders were the flag bearers for stockmen of the West of Ireland always giving a prompt and excellent service.’
    • ‘He listened to bush mothers and stockmen, drovers and graziers, troops going into and returning from battle, committees, councils, prime ministers, popes and royalty.’
    • ‘There's not many men of his stature and influence who can be found out in the outback cold in the midst of the dust and noise of a midnight cattle-loading, working as hard as any of his young team of ringers, stockmen and jillaroos.’
    • ‘Practically the only work Australian Aborigines once had was as stockmen but the vast majority of those were thrown out of work by the introduction of a minimum wage law in 1966.’
    • ‘Aborigines who worked as drovers and stockmen on cattle stations were largely ignored until the appearance of works such as Born in the Cattle.’
    • ‘The glamour of the handsome country boy has been lost as so many young men have gone, and the drovers and stockmen have been replaced with road trains.’
    • ‘I had imagined Aboriginal jackaroos working for the stockman and once he died he wanted them to be paid their wages and let go.’
    • ‘On the cattle stations, an industry vital to Queensland, Aboriginal stockmen outnumbered white stockmen by 5 or 6 to 1.’
    • ‘Before becoming a cook in the Papunya canteen, he worked, as his name implies, as a stockman at Napperby cattle station.’
    • ‘Anthony is as lean and fit as his stockmen and they work together like a well-oiled machine, mustering the cattle through today's weaning, weighing and dipping with practiced ease.’
    • ‘The result was large number of aboriginal stockmen put out of work: A great victory for social reform.’
    • ‘The young men had little experience of working with cattle and although they all dressed as stockmen they had no serious interest in learning the trade and no stomach for its hours and hardships.’
    • ‘An unlikely stockman has been stationed at the Santavan cattle yards near Berry Springs, 50 kilometres south of Darwin for the past couple of weeks.’
    • ‘For their part, the Aborigines were not only good stockmen on the station, but drawn successfully to droving, with its better pay and travel, until trucks gradually supplanted the drover after the Second World War.’
    • ‘Without a hundred years of hard work done by black stockmen Australia wouldn't even have a beef cattle industry.’
    1. 1.1US An owner of livestock.
      • ‘At the age of 93, the late Dominic was the oldest man in the parish, he was a diligent farmer, an astute stockman and his long life was a model of gentleness and quiet respectability.’
      • ‘The cattle may not be great but their owners are outstanding stockmen.’
      • ‘At that time, Charolais cattle was a new breed and breeders and stockmen had not yet noticed that advantages of Charolais ownership.’
      • ‘It is not a day off for farmers and stockmen, any more than Christmas Day.’
      • ‘It is at this time that our farmers, growers, herdsmen and stockmen are really suffering the pressure of economic damage due to foot-and-mouth disease and other market factors.’
  • 2US A person who looks after a stockroom or warehouse.

    • ‘Meanwhile, the stockmen in the adjacent warehouse filled the order and delivered the merchandise to the waiting customer.’