Definition of stockingless in US English:



  • See stocking

    • ‘At one time, women tended to wear stockings throughout the year, even in summer, though there was more tendency to go stockingless in hot weather even in otherwise dressy occasions.’
    • ‘The trooper ordered them to return to the camp and dress properly, adding emphatically that the stockingless craze must end, even if arrests had to be made to accomplish this end.’
    • ‘The soles of the stockingless feet were encased in a most comfortable kind of sandal that anyone would wish to wear.’
    • ‘My companion told me rather matter-of-factly that in central New Orleans, being stockingless was the mark of a Bourbon Street prostitute.’
    • ‘He saw that her toil-worn, weather-exposed hands were like a man's, callused, large-knuckled, and gnarled, and that her stockingless feet were thrust into heavy man's brogans.’