Definition of stocking stitch in US English:

stocking stitch


  • another term for stockinette (sense 2)
    • ‘I couldn't understand how Rowan could rate this as a 2 star pattern, since it was just very basic stocking stitch with a tiny bit of lace, but once I got onto the front, it was clear that the pattern was not quite as simple as I'd expected.’
    • ‘It is a slip stitch pattern on reverse stocking stitch.’
    • ‘I particularly liked this pattern, which was easy to memorise and a tad more interesting than a rib or stocking stitch.’
    • ‘I did the body in stocking stitch and boxed the flower in reverse stocking stitch as opposed to doing the whole front and back in stocking stitch.’
    • ‘The original pattern is done in reverse stocking stitch (hard to see in the picture, but obvious in the book), but Tracy did hers in stocking stitch.’


stocking stitch

/ˈstäkiNG ˌstiCH/