Definition of stockfeed in US English:



  • Food for livestock.

    ‘meat and bonemeal stockfeed has been banned for all livestock’
    • ‘In addition to chocolate, the kibble produced by chopping up carob pod is also used to make syrups, essences and flavourings, as a stockfeed and garden mulch, or it can produce liquid fuel alcohol.’
    • ‘The region is now bringing in stockfeed from the state's Western district, which has had its best season in many years.’
    • ‘Spmcu is determined to expand its mealie meal production at Chitongo with a view to improving the quality of the commodity while at the same time produce stockfeed for animals.’
    • ‘They have in the recent past included sugar, maize and maize seed, beef, stockfeed, cement, tobacco, some medicaments and cosmetics.’
    • ‘This figure includes human consumption, stockfeed, industrial and other uses but does not include any provision for strategic reserves.’
    • ‘‘The ZNFU council would like the Government to explain why the poorest and smallest farmers will pay the highest price for seed, fertiliser, chemicals, stockfeed and grain bags,’ the petition read in part.’
    • ‘Reports filtering in from neighbouring Malawi show pathetic scenes of villagers scrambling for maize bran, which under normal circumstances is a stockfeed, because their granaries are low or empty.’
    • ‘The planned deal has, however, threatened stockfeed companies which fear that the merger would push smaller stockfeed firms out the market.’
    • ‘The maize situation has also been worsened by the ever increasing demand for the grain by opaque beer brewers and stockfeed manufacturers.’
    • ‘But if it is combined with cheap hay to supply energy you have the perfect system to lower water tables and reduce salinity, while providing cheap and reliable stockfeed during summer and autumn.’
    • ‘But Zimbabwe said the restrictions were a result of wide consultations between its farmers, oil processors and stockfeed manufacturers to sustain their industry.’
    • ‘He said the cooking oil was a by-product from the company's oil plant that produces stockfeed, and it was refined without any form of blends as ingredients, or palm participles added to it.’