Definition of stockbreeder in US English:



  • A farmer who breeds livestock.

    • ‘He acknowledges three of the great Scottish stockbreeders as the founding fathers of the so-called Black Angus line.’
    • ‘He came from a family of stockbreeders and learned the secrets of good stockmanship from his father Tom, who likewise had it handed down.’
    • ‘To back up his case he talked to stockbreeders and horticulturists, gardeners and shepherds, attended flower shows and animal exhibitions, and scoured the museums and libraries for zoological facts.’
    • ‘In the ‘survival of the fittest’ (a phrase coined by H. Spencer, but accepted by Darwin) organic descent was achieved by natural selection, by analogy with the artificial selection of the stockbreeder.’
    • ‘He looked forward to the time when a woman would no more accept a man ‘without knowing his biological genealogical history ‘than a stockbreeder would take ‘a sire for his colts or calves who was without pedigree.’’
    • ‘In 1814, a missionary pastoral stockbreeder introduced sheep to the Bay or Islands, north of Auckland, and the first reports of New Zealand wool sales in Australia date back to that time.’
    • ‘On the contrary, the best-known stockbreeder of the eighteenth century made a point of obscuring the descent of his prized bulls, rams, boars, and stallions.’
    • ‘In a few cases, one in ten or twelve, a heifer born as twin to a bull calf will be normally fertile, but these odds are such that stockbreeders discourage breeding for the trait of mixed-sex twins.’