Definition of stock swap in US English:

stock swap


  • 1Acquisition of a company in which payment consists of stock in the buying company.

    • ‘He is in talks with a dealmaker about a stock swap that would boost Vivendi's ownership of USA from 43% to 63%.’
    • ‘The most significant deal recent times was the America Online Time Warner merger; what amounted to a stock swap between a little dog and pony show and an enormous lumbering multi media conglomerate.’
    • ‘Leading storage vendor EMC is paying far more than the $750 million it was rumored to have offered for Legato in March and has announced a $1.3 billion stock swap acquisition.’
    • ‘Most of the large deals last year involved stock swaps.’
    • ‘Both companies have been acquired - Sterling Commerce by SBC Communications in an all-cash deal, and Sterling Software by Computer Associates in a stock swap.’
    • ‘It reportedly sealed a bridge loan last Thursday for $5.5 billion, giving it the large amount of cash it would need to sweeten its own bid, a stock swap that was valued at $28.8 billion in August.’
    • ‘The Netscape division employs between ‘two and three hundred’ staff in Silicon Valley, a far cry from 1998 when AOL acquired the company in a stock swap worth $4.2 billion.’
    • ‘Telia, Sweden's biggest telco, is to buy Sonera, its counterpart in Finland, through a stock swap.’
    • ‘Sun is to buy server appliance specialist Cobalt Networks in a stock swap worth approximately $2 billion.’
    • ‘Troubled 3D graphics hardware developer 3dfx is to buy Gigapixel in a stock swap that values its smaller rival at around $186 million.’
    • ‘Then, in 2000, he used a stock swap, worth reportedly $10.2 million to acquire Founders National Bank in Los Angeles.’
    • ‘The deal would offer a stock swap worth $32 billion that would give EchoStar more than 90% of the U.S. satellite TV market.’
    • ‘By 2001, Interpublic had acquired True North in a stock swap valued at some $2.1 billion.’
    • ‘Last Month, NAI offered a stock swap deal worth around $208.2 million for the 25 per cent of shares outside its control.’
    • ‘In January, 2000, at the peak of dot-com mania, patrician media giant Time Warner Inc. agreed to be acquired by Internet upstart America Online Inc. in a stock swap priced at $284 billion.’
    • ‘And today SonicBlue bought ReplayTV, the TiVO-style digital VCR maker, in a stock swap.’
    • ‘In another example of consolidation being the only way forward for transnational corporations, Procter & Gamble have announced they are buying Gillette for $57 billion in a stock swap deal.’
    • ‘Corel is to acquire Micrografx in a stock swap valued at $32 million.’
    • ‘Internet services company InfoSpace last month agreed to buy Go2Net in a stock swap initially valued at $4 billion.’
    • ‘Biogen and IDEC Pharma-ceuticals, two companies looking for cures for cancer and autoimmune disorders, announced plans Monday to merge in a US $6.4 billion stock swap, the latest consolidation in the biotech industry.’
  • 2A means of exercising stock options in which shares already owned are traded for a greater number of shares at the exercise price.

    • ‘A stock swap exercise has the effect of reducing the total number of shares (including shares subject to option) in which the option holder has an interest. For many years our options had a feature that was intended to remedy that share compression.’
    • ‘In a bid to dump the Division on current shareholders, a former BHP Steel chief will form a new company and shareholders will be enticed to buy shares with a two-to-one stock swap.’
    • ‘AOL, which has a market capitalization of twice that of Time Warner, or at least did at the beginning of the day, shareholders of AOL are getting a share-for-share stock swap in this deal.’
    • ‘He was able to get the employees to agree to a 10% pay reduction in exchange for a stock swap.’