Definition of stirrup pump in US English:

stirrup pump


  • A portable hand-operated water pump with a footrest resembling a stirrup, used to extinguish small fires.

    • ‘All household and buildings had their hand-operated stirrup pumps which operated from a bucket of water.’
    • ‘Two of us set off with buckets of water and a stirrup pump and arrived to find the fire was burning on the first floor above the recessed entrance doorway.’
    • ‘Over the last year or so these neat little gadgets the size and shape of small stirrup pumps have appeared all over the place and there are apparently a goodly number of suppliers.’
    • ‘As a protection against enemy action, it was agreed to order a dozen stirrup pumps at £1 each!’
    • ‘Three dimensional items such as this stirrup pump are stored off-site and used for outreach work and in-house displays.’
    • ‘Although visitors have sometimes mistaken the ships for radio-controlled models only the German submarine, operated by a wire and stirrup pump, was actually unmanned.’
    • ‘So I was sent to Andrews Toledo as a filing clerk, and went fire-watching at nights, i.e. sleeping at a factory, armed with stirrup pumps and sand to put out fires started by incendiaries.’
    • ‘Then the stirrup pump man showed the assembled company how to place the barrel of the pump in the bucket and anchor the stirrup with the foot.’
    • ‘We were provided with tin hats, gas masks and stirrup pumps, and our duties were to go outside during raids and put out any small fires that might occur.’
    • ‘The use of stirrup pumps and sand to extinguish incendiary bombs was demonstrated by the fire brigade.’
    • ‘These include buckets of sand, shovels, axes, commercial fire extinguishers, stirrup pumps and, if you have a lawn, an always-connected garden hose.’
    • ‘Rotary and semi rotary pumps are used to circulate oil in the internal combustion engine, and stirrup pumps in the CIVIL Defence, for extinguishing scattered fires after an air raid during wars.’
    • ‘To be sold are gas masks, stirrup pumps, beds and medical supplies stored at the old Washington Grammar School.’
    • ‘Members of the public, armed with stirrup pumps and dustbin lids, then extinguish a further specimen.’
    • ‘They cut two metres of thatch from around the chimney and used a stirrup pump to dowse the smouldering straw.’
    • ‘As a protection against enemy action it was also agreed to order a dozen stirrup pumps at £1. 0s 0p each.’
    • ‘Sand was cheap and plentiful, while stirrup pumps and hoses were still scarce.’
    • ‘A few of us wardens played on the flames with stirrup pumps until - 20 minutes later - the A.F.S came.’
    • ‘The third raid was incendiaries which started several small fires which were soon put out with stirrup pumps.’
    • ‘As he points out, stirrup pumps were distributed to counter the impact of the devices.’


stirrup pump

/ˈstirəp ˌpəmp/