Definition of stirringly in US English:



  • See stirring

    • ‘It leads into Evelyn Street on the stirringly named Britannia Estate, which incorporates Pepys Street, De Quincey Mews, Hardy Avenue and other narrow alleys celebrating Southey, Constable and the ‘cockney poet’, John Keats.’
    • ‘But it is in his awkwardness, his deflations, his retractions, and his sudden shifts midstream that his poems renounce the intoxications of bravura in favor of something darker and stirringly ungoverned.’
    • ‘No one could deny that it was a magnificently crafted, resolutely delivered, stirringly worded call to arms, which appears to have succeeded brilliantly in its main objective of further fortifying mainstream American opinion.’
    • ‘Many recent songs from Reality and its predecessor, Heathen, are featured, but so is a stirringly generous array of the songs of his lifetime and not one of them makes it on to the set list through sentiment.’
    • ‘He once spoke stirringly of standing in Africa and hearing the magnificent anthems of liberation and seeing the many coloured flags that proclaim and celebrate independence and triumph.’