Definition of stir one's stumps in US English:

stir one's stumps


informal, dated
  • often in imperative (of a person) begin to move or act.

    • ‘But if you can stir your stumps, avoid the trippery town of Paphos, except for the Roman Villa of the mosaics, and go up to the Vineyards of the Troodos.’
    • ‘I really must stir my stumps and start advertising, there must be more people on the Peninsula who like to knit and natter.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, this is one disadvantage to being published by a small press - you pretty much have to stir your stumps and do your own promotion.’
    • ‘Here, you Matthews, look for sharp and stir your stumps a bit - one would think you were walking in your sleep.’
    • ‘Do you think you could stop admiring your manicure, stir your stumps and do it before your mistress comes downstairs for breakfast?’
    • ‘Things are never dull when she stirs her stumps to create a mild uproar in that pompous little town.’
    • ‘Speaking as a Cornishman, I found it a little off-putting that when I decided to stir my stumps and ‘do’ the Cornwall Coastal Footpath that all the guidebooks were written backwards from my perspective.’
    • ‘‘Too few of us are willing to stir our stumps to be active citizens to work at least for a better society,’ he told the Sydney Ideas audience.’
    • ‘However, our duties calling us imperatively, we weren't able to stay another night, and because the gate at the entrance to the Sanctuary is closed from 6.30 pm till 6 o'clock in the morning, we had to stir our stumps pretty briskly.’
    • ‘Sitting with a beer at the garden table has its merits but we will soon be cold and wet if we don't stir our stumps.’
    be quick, look smart, hurry up, speed up
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