Definition of stinkwood in US English:



  • Any of a number of trees that yield timber with an unpleasant odor.

    ('black stinkwood') a South African tree (Ocotea bullata, family Lauraceae)

    a New Zealand tree (Coprosoma foetidissima, family Rubiaceae)

    • ‘It has quite big leaves that look a little bit like those of the white stinkwood.’
    • ‘Besides the olive grove, there's a row of leopard trees, and large, creative pots of indigenous plants - buddleias and clivias, and 40 white stinkwood trees have been planted around the outside of the complex.’
    • ‘The white stinkwood trees are in bud at the moment, and the wild sage shrub is about to burst into bloom - you'll know them from their heady scent.’
    • ‘Nowadays, more indigenous trees - stinkwoods, cottons and wild olives - are being planted, and the balance of exotics and indigenous is more or less equal.’
    • ‘He plants one of the white stinkwood trees on Hans Strijdom Drive in Randburg’
    • ‘Two of my favourite indigenous trees for bonsai are the white stinkwood and the red stemmed corkwood or paperbark.’
    • ‘A white stinkwood tree was planted in Ivory Park, near Midrand, on Friday 17 October as a symbol of prosperity in the global fight against poverty.’