Definition of stinkard in US English:



  • 1archaic A smelly or despicable person.

    • ‘Learn where Shakespeare found his best sources of inspiration, why heroines were played by boy actors, why players needed a protector, how to stage a swordfight, who stinkards were.’
    • ‘‘Goodman-rascal,’ quoth Don Quixote, ‘you garlic stinkard, I shall take you, and bind you to a tree, as naked as your mother brought you forth, and let me not say three thousand and three hundred, but I'll give you six thousand and six hundred, so well laid on that you shall not claw them off at three thousand and three hundred plucks.’’
    • ‘For that you get to stand in the yard below the stage exposed to the weather - a groundling or stinkard in Elizabethan parlance.’
    • ‘References to playgoing were in consequence full of complaints about the ‘garlic-breathed stinkards who flooded the yard at the amphitheatres.’
    • ‘The Heartbreak Kid, by contrast, is a mean piece of work with an unsympathetic, lying stinkard of an anti-hero.’
  • 2A member of a lower social order in some North American Indian communities.

    • ‘He points out the problematic nature of this arrangement in that eventually, the Stinkard population would shrink to extinction since the marriage of Stinkards to aristocrats would slowly drain the Stinkard population beyond repair.’