Definition of stinging nettle in US English:

stinging nettle


  • A Eurasian nettle covered in minute hairs that inject irritants when they are touched. These include histamine, which causes itching, and acetylcholine, which causes a burning sensation.

    Genus Urtica, family Urticaceae: several species, in particular U. dioica, well established in North America

    • ‘For example, the caterpillar of the small tortoiseshell butterfly will eat only stinging nettles, white admirals feed solely upon honeysuckle, and goldfinches eat only seed.’
    • ‘In his pasture, edible weeds like dandelion, chicory, quack grass and even stinging nettles are allowed to thrive.’
    • ‘This one makes for easy drinking despite the crushed stinging nettle and bramble flavours.’
    • ‘Then there is quintessential British cuisine, like beans on toast, roast beef and Yorkshire puddings, and other things which seem exclusive only to the UK, such as stinging nettles and drizzly Sundays.’
    • ‘There are several big holes in the grassy area around the playground, large stinging nettles and thistles, loose nuts and bolts on the park's railings and uneven ground.’
    • ‘The roots of the stinging nettle contain a complex mixture of water and alcohol-soluble compounds including lectins, phenols, sterols, and lignans.’
    • ‘I do not suffer from those conditions, but years ago we carefully picked wild stinging nettles with clippers, dropping the nettles into a large paper sack.’
    • ‘Most people are aware of the blood cleansing properties of the stinging nettle, but apparently it's not advised for inclusion in the diet of anyone with blood pressure problems or anyone suffering from diabetes.’
    • ‘At least there I don't have to dodge overgrown thorn bushes and stinging nettles.’
    • ‘I have circumvented a nasty patch of stinging nettles.’
    • ‘There was a patch of stinging nettles and she wouldn't go through them.’
    • ‘Waist-high weeds including stinging nettles line the track and reeds grow beside the row of trees, suggesting a murky dark line of water lies beneath them.’
    • ‘If you are looking for something a little more DIY, go to a health-food store that offers bulk herbs, get some chickweed, stinging nettle and calendula, and brew yourself up a tea.’
    • ‘Milkweed provides food for monarch butterfly larvae and stinging nettles host caterpillars of the red admiral butterfly.’
    • ‘I heard that stinging nettles could be used to help palsy, and thought immediately of her.’
    • ‘As they pushed through a tangle of stinging nettles and brambles, they made sure to keep heading in the right direction.’
    • ‘The herb stinging nettle is believed to slow your body's production of the inflammatory chemical histamine, but without dry mouth and the other side effects of prescription antihistamines.’
    • ‘Those edible ‘weeds’ include chickweed, lambs quarters and stinging nettles.’
    • ‘The creation of the road, however, has made an opening for other kinds of plants, including fescue, bent grasses, myriad leaf, a stinging nettle, western dock, and the colorful fireweed.’
    • ‘A further deterrent is the prevalence of wood nettle and stinging nettle, which have acid-tipped hairs on their stems and leaves.’


stinging nettle

/ˈˌstiNGiNG ˈˌnedl//ˈˌstɪŋɪŋ ˈˌnɛdl/