Definition of stingaree in US English:



  • 1A cinnamon-brown stingray occurring on sand flats in shallow Australian waters.

    Urolophus testaceus, family Urolophidae

    • ‘At least six species of stingarees are known to live along the New South Wales coast.’
    • ‘Once sexually mature, stingarees have only one litter per year, usually bearing two to four young.’
    • ‘In addition to this defensive poisonous sting, most stingarees have cryptic coloration, which acts as camouflage in the sandy or rocky bottom of their habitat.’
    • ‘Once the trail turns south towards the opposite side of the entry point, you'll pass over the sandy channel that always has small stingarees and flathead lying on it.’
    • ‘This site is shallow but very interesting with many stingarees, globefish, flathead, velvetfish and salmon.’
    1. 1.1US, NZ, Australian informal Any stingray.
      • ‘The sloop smack S.R. Packer arrived at New-London, Conn., Thursday from Montauk and brought the skeleton of a 200-pound stingaree, which he harpooned off the Block Island breakwater.’


Mid 19th century: alteration of stingray.