Definition of stiltedly in US English:



  • See stilted

    • ‘Somewhere between Warhol and ‘Laugh-In’, their stark pastels recreate a time that might have sort of existed but probably didn't, when everyone wore cardigans and comb-overs; danced stiltedly to fey pop music; read Marx for pleasure.’
    • ‘‘Good meeting you,’ he said stiltedly through his self conscious smile.’
    • ‘What I realised, though, was that while I'm really glad I went and while it was really good to be with other folk and talk, however stiltedly, about Andy, this is something I need to deal with myself, slowly, over time.’
    • ‘Seeing the carrots made her realise how hungry she had become during the preparations for the journey, and she walked rather stiltedly out of the hot, stuffy kitchen.’
    • ‘The humor, if one may call it that, consists of having Anna and Claire exchanging, in endless one-upmanship, insults whose flowery and stiltedly archaizing language is periodically littered with today's grossest obscenities.’