Definition of still-hunt in US English:



[no object]often as noun still-hunting
North American
  • Hunt game stealthily; stalk.

    • ‘So is a climbing stand, still-hunting or simply scrunching up next to a rock on the side of a hill and watching a canyon.’
    • ‘I still-hunted, creeping along slowly like I always do when after whitetails.’
    • ‘But most North American hunting is done by other methods such as using tree stands or blinds, driving, calling or still-hunting.’
    • ‘I'm mainly a pursuit hunter - I like to still-hunt.’
    • ‘Still hunting for whitetails is, I'm convinced, a matter of character.’


still hunt
North American
  • A stealthy hunt for game.

    • ‘But to me, the still hunt is one of the most productive techniques in terms of getting close to animals and seeing what is going on in the natural world.’