Definition of stilbestrol in English:


(British stilboestrol)


  • A powerful synthetic estrogen used in hormone therapy, as a postcoital contraceptive, and as a growth-promoting agent for livestock.

    • ‘For example, thyroxine for thyroid cancer, tamoxifen for oestrogen receptor positive breast cancer, and stilboestrol for cancer of the prostate.’
    • ‘So you don't think that we'll have a stilboestrol problem which is the problem where women, to prevent miscarriage, got high doses of oestrogen in the hope that it would prevent the miscarriage.’
    • ‘Female hormones lead to gynecomastia, as demonstrated in patients with alcoholic liver disease and those who have been treated with drugs such as stilbestrol.’
    • ‘As part of an investigation into the mechanism of the enterohepatic circulation of stilboestrol the passage of stilboestrol and its monoglucuronide conjugate into sacs of everted rat intestine was studied.’
    • ‘After 11 years of stilboestrol treatment, he was transferred to three monthly injections of LHRH analogue (Zoladex) to reduce the risk of developing the cardiovascular side effects associated with stilboestrol.’


1930s: from stilbene + estrus + -ol.