Definition of sticky-fingered in US English:



  • Given to stealing.

    ‘a sticky-fingered con artist’
    • ‘These include a sticky-fingered hippie named McGruff, a friendly gondolier, and his good-hearted mother.’
    • ‘Somebody needs to track where all the money is going - and God knows we can't trust the sticky-fingered bureaucrats at the United Nations to do it honestly.’
    • ‘Marketers, politicians and other short-sighted, self-interested, sticky-fingered people have been stealing our words.’
    • ‘Staff routinely had to be dispatched to the sticky-fingered star's dressing room in order to recover the pilfered booty.’
    • ‘The only person who would have an interest in them would be my sticky-fingered brother who's always been too cheap to buy his own.’
    • ‘Some little sticky-fingered urchin stole it from the teacher's desk.’
    • ‘It's been a bad year for sticky-fingered governors, thanks in large part to the Feds.’
    • ‘I put a mousetrap in my purse to solve my problem with my sticky-fingered brother.’
    • ‘Taiwan needs to draw up a system to give local governments more autonomy - and the freedom they need to develop - yet one that does not lead to extravagance, waste or become an open invitation to sticky-fingered officials.’
    thieving, thievish, stealing, pilfering, shoplifting, pocket-picking
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