Definition of stickweed in US English:



  • Any of a number of North American plants with hooked or barbed seeds, e.g. ragweed.

    • ‘Also watch for cuts and abrasions from things like barbed wire fence, old machinery left hidden under tall grass, stickweeds and burrs.’
    • ‘A closely related species, Wingstem, is similar in appearance but has alternately arranged leaves unlike those of stickweed.’
    • ‘I eased through the tall stickweeds and could see the rear half of the deer's body behind a tree 30 yards away.’
    • ‘Vegetation is wild oat, cheatgrass, flatspine stickweed, California buckthorn, whiteleaf manzanita, honeysuckle, brackenfern, hedgehog dogstail, chaparral coffeeberry, toyon, Pacific poison oak, interior and canyon live oak, Pacific madrone, and scattered ponderosa pine, foothill pine, incense cedar and California black oak.’
    • ‘Some species overwinter near the roots of weeds such as stickweed, plantain, and fleabane.’