Definition of sticking point in US English:

sticking point


  • An obstacle to progress toward an agreement or goal.

    ‘job security has emerged as a key sticking point in negotiations’
    • ‘Progress toward a truce was slowed by many minor sticking points.’
    • ‘It affords a temporary sticking point in the forward progress of evolution…’
    • ‘The major sticking points remain the same: budget authority for the newly create post of national intelligence director and immigration reform.’
    • ‘They're still incredibly big and when it goes to public consultation they are going to be the sticking points.’
    • ‘This rule will actually be a sticking point in the negotiation of the next collective agreement leading to a lockout.’
    • ‘Every country has parties opposed to greater European integration, or nationalist sticking points which stand in the way of ratification - and one of them is almost certain to win some time.’
    • ‘However, a few key sticking points remain, including a condition that the developer maintain public facilities until the final stage of the development.’
    • ‘This time the environment is shaping up as a key sticking point, due to concerns that some nations may use it as a protectionist measure.’
    • ‘Labour's favoured party is the Greens, but that free trade agreement with China is a sticking point.’
    • ‘Inside, diplomats said a failure to resolve sticking points before the six-day talks end today would jeopardise the chances of a deal next year freeing up global business in farm and industrial goods and services.’
    • ‘Today in court after the attorneys on both sides hammered out some of the last-minute issue sticking points late last night into this morning and into this afternoon, they finally were able to reach a settlement.’
    • ‘Despite sticking points, the talks did seemed to be progressing.’
    • ‘But two key sticking points remained: the power to proscribe associations and the reversed onus of proof.’
    • ‘While the sticking points remain the immigration concerns, as well as chain of command concerns, we're told that discussions are continuing to center now on the chain of command issues.’
    • ‘Two key sticking points remain: Voting rights and the size and composition of the European Commission.’
    • ‘The new draft constitution was reportedly finished just before the deadline, but all parties must now resolve their sticking points within the next three days.’
    • ‘The key sticking points are still agriculture and the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.’
    • ‘Start the advanced routine only when you hit a sticking point in your general progress.’
    • ‘The prisoners have become a major sticking point to progress on the US-backed road map peace plan.’
    • ‘The more I think about it, the more it strikes me that the summit amounts to an opportunity to straighten out some key sticking points.’


sticking point

/ˈstikiNG ˌpoint//ˈstɪkɪŋ ˌpɔɪnt/