Definition of sticking plaster in English:

sticking plaster


  • An adhesive bandage, available in a roll or as individual patches.

    • ‘Well, at the time of writing, it is now 36 hours and 21 minutes since I had a cigarette, thanks to a nicotine patch that resembles a sticking plaster designed for a canon ball wound.’
    • ‘She is met by a nurse as soon as she sets foot through the doors, whisked through treatment in record time, and emerges only minutes later looking as pale and wan as always - but with a small sticking plaster delicately applied to her forehead.’
    • ‘It is like using a sticking plaster when radical surgery is needed.’
    • ‘He fetched it and passed it to David, who poised the tip above the sticking plaster.’
    • ‘Virtually covered all over with drips, monitoring wires, sticking plasters, and taking pills and medicines endlessly, he gives what most actors would be proud to say was the performance of their career.’
    • ‘Finally the referee handed us some heavy-duty sticking plaster and my opponent wrapped his thumb, then we continued with our match.’
    • ‘The bridge of his nose was covered with a sticking plaster and the tip appeared to be scarred, bruised and flaking.’
    • ‘If you had a doctor who kept on dispensing aspirin and sticking plaster to treat an ulcer, you would soon take your business elsewhere.’
    • ‘Wearing a huge sticking plaster over her right breast, she upped the stakes again and raised the bar again.’
    • ‘It's not first aid in the sense of a sticking plaster and a bandage.’
    • ‘A simple first aid kit with sticking plasters and greasy dressings will help deal with minor injuries, and petroleum jelly is useful for abrasions.’
    • ‘The thin walled tube had kinked under the sticking plaster.’
    • ‘Those white things, Bambi, are sticking plasters to cover his earrings.’
    • ‘He sowed them on and put a thin piece of a shingle on the inside of his hand to support the fingers and applied sticking plasters to the upper side of his fingers.’
    adhesive dressing, dressing, bandage
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sticking plaster

/ˈstikiNG ˌplastər//ˈstɪkɪŋ ˌplæstər/