Definition of sticker shock in US English:

sticker shock


North American
  • Shock or dismay experienced by the potential buyers of a particular product on discovering its high or increased price.

    ‘drugstore consumers are feeling the pain of sticker shock as never before’
    • ‘When you look at the cost of many custom guns these days sticker shock isn't limited to cars anymore.’
    • ‘Small businesses are suffering from sticker shock as well.’
    • ‘The only thing that can break the spell is sticker shock from the price of bike-specific tools.’
    • ‘Did the asking price send you into sticker shock?’
    • ‘But this area certainly isn't alone in the kind of double-digit appreciation that's caused sticker shock.’
    • ‘My friend went into sticker shock at the price of weekend evening shows - $12.50.’
    • ‘But when oil prices took off last spring and people faced sticker shock at the pump as gas prices topped $2 a gallon, they cut back on other discretionary spending.’
    • ‘With interest rates at a 50-year low, even sticker shock is not enough to deter buyers from snapping up homes.’
    • ‘Customers, too, have recovered from their initial sticker shock, and in tasting the difference for themselves, have come to appreciate and expect the very best and freshest ingredients.’
    • ‘These are the ‘staged’ homes, interior decorated for a faux family to create a warm feeling for prospective buyers facing sticker shock.’
    • ‘For tourists, there's just one side effect: sticker shock.’
    • ‘At any rate I went to have an emergency dental visit and I now have sticker shock.’
    • ‘This way you can get sticker shock at home, and not in the store in front of the sales guy.’
    • ‘The drug discount cards that were supposed to ease the pain of pharmacy sticker shock were recently unveiled.’
    • ‘Today consumers may not even make it in to the dealership to suffer sticker shock.’
    • ‘Prices for the seed of native grasses can create some sticker shock when compared to commonly used grasses on golf courses.’
    • ‘Coming up, we're talking about sticker shock that comes with this year's college tuition.’
    • ‘If there's true will for a greater purpose, or something beneficial to others as well as yourself, maybe the price tag won't send you into sticker shock.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, you're the bloke with sticker shock who's helping the process along by whining and/or swearing every time you're asked to fork out more of your hard earned money for each imported item.’


sticker shock