Definition of stick with in US English:

stick with

phrasal verb

  • 1Persevere or continue with.

    ‘I'm happy to stick with the present team’
    • ‘More adventurous investors may be happy to stick with their tech funds given the improved outlook for the sector.’
    • ‘I'm sticking with my current software, which continues to work remarkably well.’
    • ‘Many are happy to stick with routine tasks others might find dull.’
    • ‘I should have stuck with them but no, I just had to try something new!’
    • ‘She is happy to stick with St Andrew's Church in Wanborough for her wedding in August.’
    • ‘Despite the clay surface, he continues to stick with his serve-and-volley game.’
    • ‘I quickly became bored, and only stuck with it as long as I did because I knew I was going to review it.’
    • ‘He's proud that the young player stuck with it and is now reaping the rewards of his hard work and perseverance.’
    • ‘Chick-lit novelists have stuck with this style, and their books continue to sell.’
    • ‘If you want to get ahead in life, you can start by sticking with the things you start.’
  • 2Continue to support or be loyal to (someone), typically during difficult times.

    ‘there were no more than 35 of his colleagues who might be prepared to stick with him’
    • ‘In any event, we're grateful to be back in business, and grateful that you stuck with us.’
    • ‘It may come as some surprise to those of you who have stuck with me through thick and thicker over the years that I'm not a natural athlete.’
    • ‘‘Those who have stuck with me will be the ones who will benefit in the future,’ he says.’
    • ‘It was a testament to love that knows no bounds that my wife stuck with me for the three years we lived there.’
    • ‘But the parish council's highways committee stuck with its decision to name it St Nicholas Close.’
    • ‘A part of me was tempted to read the whole thing out and see which jokes got laughs, but I'm not sure they would have stuck with me for that long.’
    • ‘He has kept his head and stuck with the things he believes in.’