Definition of stick out in US English:

stick out

phrasal verb

  • Be extremely noticeable.

    ‘many important things had happened to him, but one stuck out’
    • ‘There are too many areas at risk to list here, but there are two that stuck out to me.’
    • ‘I got her latest record and that song really stuck out to me - it sounded like an old folk song.’
    • ‘If anything sticks out it's just the passion with which people are bringing their ideas forward.’
    • ‘The song stuck out amongst all the racket on TV, the big noisy box in the corner.’
    • ‘The car driver said the date sticks out in his mind for a particular, personal reason which he did wish to disclose, as it would identify him.’
    • ‘She sticks out in my mind because my mother used to have me run errands for her since she was our neighbor.’
    • ‘He added that the incident still stuck out firmly in his mind and that nothing he had been involved in since could get close to it.’
    • ‘After a long and distinguished career, one event sticks out in his memory as the only time he was afraid while at work.’
    • ‘Despite all that has happened in the past 10 years, it is this last feature of the period that sticks out most clearly.’
    • ‘With so many trips to Jamaica under your belt, there must be one story that sticks out in your mind as particularly memorable.’
    stand out, be noticeable, be conspicuous, be obvious, catch the eye, be obtrusive
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