Definition of stibnite in US English:



  • A lead-gray mineral, typically occurring as striated prismatic crystals, which consists of antimony sulfide and is the chief ore of antimony.

    • ‘When exposed by breaking open the quartz, the paakkonenite crystals are virtually identical in appearance to stibnite and exhibit a similar ease of bending.’
    • ‘There were shops full of green and purple fluorite, ferberite and arsenopyrite, and spessartine and stibnite.’
    • ‘There will be azurite, pyromorphite, marvelous twinned calcite, stibnite that rivals that from Japan, stibiconite, scheelite, hematite with lightly tinted quartz, cinnabar, hemimorphite, and a range of other colorful minerals.’
    • ‘Commonly associated minerals include orpiment, stibnite, a variety of sulfides and sulfosalts, calcite, and barite.’
    • ‘The ore consists of enormous veins of massive stibnite.’


Mid 19th century: from Latin stibium ‘black antimony’ + -ine + -ite.