Definition of stewardship in US English:



  • The job of supervising or taking care of something, such as an organization or property.

    ‘responsible stewardship of our public lands’
    count noun ‘he resigned his stewardships at Westminster Abbey and St. Martin's’
    ‘systemic failures cannot be ascribed to the stewardship of a political party’
    as modifier ‘Pennsylvania's forest stewardship program’
    • ‘The program each year recognizes environmental stewardship efforts by retailers in 13 Midwestern states.’
    • ‘In 1693, he petitioned for, and was granted, the stewardships of several hundred courts in Cornwall.’
    • ‘We are honoured by being entrusted with the stewardship of this venerable company.’
    • ‘The speakers cited a way of building that represents people's concerns about environmental stewardship.’
    • ‘Scottish ministers have overall responsibility for the stewardship of the freshwater fish resources and the fisheries that depend on them.’