Definition of sterlet in US English:



  • A small sturgeon of the Danube basin and Caspian Sea area, farmed and commercially fished for its flesh and caviar.

    Acipenser ruthenus, family Acipenseridae

    • ‘Following last week's shock discovery of a young sterlet in Chapman's Pond, Woodthorpe, another York angler has been in touch with the Evening Press about his own experiences with sturgeon.’
    • ‘Looking only a dorsal fin short of the extinct ichthyosaur species, the long snout and distinctive white markings suggest it is actually a sterlet, which is a breed of sturgeon.’
    • ‘The fish dish served most often was Dviena sterlet in champagne sauce.’
    • ‘Yet by the mid-1930s, in The Master and Margarita, Mikhail Bulgakov mourned the restaurant's decline: ‘Do you remember sterlet in a silver saucepan, cut into pieces and interlaced with lobster tails and fresh caviar?’’


Late 16th century: from Russian sterlyadʹ.