Definition of stereotyped in US English:



  • Viewed or represented as a stereotype.

    ‘the story is weakened by its stereotyped characters’
    • ‘He said the medical profession needs to change its stereotyped image of the typical eating disorder patient.’
    • ‘But that makes me feel stereotyped, typecast in one kind of role and viewed as a spokesperson for an entire race.’
    • ‘It didn't seem to correlate with the stereotyped assumption regarding what Australian men value.’
    • ‘In other words, being a working mom is normal too - yet these moms often feel guilty about what they do because it doesn't fit the stereotyped ideal.’
    • ‘Viperid snakes are noted for their stereotyped behavioral adaptations to avoid counterattacks by rodents.’
    • ‘Judith Rowbotham looks at popular fiction writing as a vehicle promoting stereotyped attitudes toward violence.’
    • ‘There's such a stereotyped view of her as this icon of style and glamour.’
    • ‘The advantages of studying films for understanding cultures are manifold, even if the portrayals are stereotyped.’
    • ‘Some of what she writes might not fit the stereotyped image of a Tory MP but that is because that image is out of date.’
    • ‘Students then watched video clips, focusing on six stereotyped characters from four films: Treasure of the Sierra Madre, Duel in the Sun, Colors, and 187.’
    • ‘To those used to thinking of Republicans and Democrats in stereotyped ways, those reactions may come as a surprise.’
    • ‘The mass media are hindered by a narrow view of gender, and by limited, stereotyped representations of ethnic minorities.’
    • ‘Basically, you have a clichéd hero fighting stereotyped terrorists with a plot you can see through.’
    • ‘The strikers are far from the stereotyped image of upper crust BBC presenters.’
    • ‘Her dissertation examined the role of social identity on performance of a positively stereotyped task.’
    • ‘It is both enjoyable and a corrective to stereotyped views of the ' plight ' of women writers in the period.’
    • ‘Today, good design is the birthright of every citizen, from suburban dads to stereotyped gay men on great TV shows.’
    • ‘There is a complexity and depth to these pictures that make most white Australian art look indecisive, rootless or stereotyped.’
    • ‘The media emphasis on stereotyped versions of beauty is pervasive.’
    • ‘The most condemning dimension of the stereotyped images in the play involves black sexuality.’