Definition of stereoselectivity in US English:



  • See stereoselective

    • ‘The aim of this work is to study the stereoselectivity of the acyl chain binding site of the enzyme for four diastereomers of an inhibitor.’
    • ‘This last is appealing in as much as it offers improved yields, but suffers from a low degree of stereoselectivity.’
    • ‘As a result, we expect the mechanisms of stereoselectivity to appear more clearly for the pentatols than for glycerol.’
    • ‘The active transport of peptides is distinct and independent of amino acid transport and displays high stereoselectivity for peptide bonds and L-amino acid residues but low specificity with respect to amino acid side-chains.’
    • ‘This stems from the fact that many enzymes show new properties in organic solvents, i.e., the capability to catalyze reactions that do not take place in water and solvent control of the stereoselectivity.’