Definition of stereochemistry in US English:



  • The branch of chemistry concerned with the three-dimensional arrangement of atoms and molecules and the effect of this on chemical reactions.

    • ‘Thus, in the third and last chapter of his professional life, he returned to stereochemistry.’
    • ‘The stereochemistry at each of its five chiral centres is pharmacologically critical.’
    • ‘Thus, their synthetic counterparts must also have the proper stereochemistry.’
    • ‘In terms of their chemical, pharmacological, kinetic and therapeutic properties, enantiomers and diasteriomers behave as distinct compounds, therefore stereochemistry should be a topic of major concern to all disciplines.’
    • ‘Accordingly, both the stereochemistry of and the steric hindrance around the interactive hydroxyl group crucially affect the supramolecular structure of the self-assembled chromophores.’
    • ‘It serves as the introductory medicinal chemistry course and contains basic concepts such as the acid/base nature of drugs, functional groups, solubility, stereochemistry, receptor binding, and metabolism.’
    • ‘He synthesizes stereochemistry and crystallography with physiological optics, locating the enantiomorphic dislocation right between the eyes of the seeing subject.’
    • ‘The absolute stereochemistry was also determined in 1955 via chemical degradation of dihydrocodeinone.’
    • ‘The final models display good stereochemistry.’
    • ‘Rather, it arises from a mixture of species, each one of which has reasonable stereochemistry.’
    • ‘There is a remarkable diversity in the stereochemistry of pheromones.’
    • ‘By that time atomism had been extended from chemistry and the kinetic theory to offer explanations in stereochemistry, electro-chemistry, spectroscopy and so on.’
    • ‘Additionally, while adaptive code structure is unlikely to be an artifact of a stereochemically determined code, empirical evidence suggests that stereochemistry is not without a role.’
    • ‘Pasteur also formulated a law that states asymmetric molecules are always the product of life forces, which became the basis of a new branch of science, stereochemistry.’
    • ‘Steroids have four rings fused together with a particular stereochemistry.’
    • ‘The stereochemistry of quinine is formidable: it has four chiral centres, and thus 16 stereoisomers - of which only one is the natural ingredient of cinchona bark.’
    • ‘Finally, the stereochemistry of stable cyclization products following the isomerization might provide experimental proof as discussed in the following section.’
    • ‘Computer-aided instruction augments learning in all topics, but most commonly in the areas of receptor theory and mechanism and stereochemistry.’
    • ‘The purpose of subjecting the model to energy minimization is to refine reasonable stereochemistry produced by our motif modeling method.’
    • ‘The stereochemistry of the model was checked and all residues found to be in allowed conformations.’