Definition of stereobate in English:


Pronunciation: /ˈsti(ə)r-//ˈsterēəˌbāt/


  • A solid mass of masonry serving as a foundation for a wall or row of columns.

    • ‘I suspect that the stereobate of the Parthenon has a flat surface, the famous curvature being introduced in the stylobate.’
    • ‘The monument is established on the round stereobate with four steps - the sign of four ends of the world.’
    • ‘The Ionic Order is quite similar to the Doric; it consists of the three steps, stereobate and stylobate.’
    • ‘Columns were assembled by stacking column drums on the stereobate.’
    • ‘The stereobate sits at the bottom and arches onto the third floor.’


Mid 19th century: from French stéréobate, via Latin from Greek stereobatēs, from stereos solid + batēs base (from bainein to walk).