Definition of stepping-up in US English:



  • An increase in the amount, speed, or intensity of something.

    ‘the recent stepping-up of the campaign’
    • ‘Moreover nobody believes that the present stepping-up of arms production is anything but an instalment of greater things to come.’
    • ‘The obviously right response to both these failures in a deep recession is the stepping-up of public sector investment to compensate.’
    • ‘This feeling has prompted the stepping-up of security around the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City.’
    • ‘The Prime Minister has indicated that she supports the stepping-up of the enforcement of the law across the country.’
    • ‘It also represents a stepping-up of efforts to transform Scotland into a technologically advanced and sustainable low-carbon economy.’
    • ‘The recent stepping-up of the campaign for the opening of the rail line from Collooney to Limerick brings to mind with sadness the closure of another line.’
    • ‘The attack, with its high toll and its timing on a major holiday, represented a stepping-up of the violence.’
    • ‘Other issues include the simplification of customs and procedures, the development of intellectual property rights and the stepping-up of cooperation in the automobile industry.’
    • ‘The premier also called for the stepping-up of measures to fight official corruption.’
    • ‘The move represents a stepping-up of the FBI presence in this country.’