Definition of stepmother in US English:



  • A woman who is the wife or partner of one's father after the divorce or separation of one's parents or the death of one's mother.

    • ‘So far, we know this much: these women are mothers, or sometimes stepmothers; they are employed, generally full time, in demanding, high-profile jobs; their husbands are, broadly speaking, successful and affluent.’
    • ‘His father gave a mighty laugh and his stepmother's eyes twinkled in amusement.’
    • ‘As my father's hand reaches for the receiver, an inflammatory remark from my stepmother says sends him charging back over to her.’
    • ‘Well my father went to the party with my stepmother and he brought my half sister and me along.’
    • ‘Her wicked stepmother and father were sending her to a finishing school, in Ireland!’
    • ‘Relationships with mothers is confusing enough, not to mention those with stepmothers.’
    • ‘This attitude applies to stepmothers and adoptive mothers as well.’
    • ‘My father died a year ago, and my stepmother returned to France, her native land.’
    • ‘When my father died, my stepmother stayed on, remarrying a couple of years later.’
    • ‘Unable to bear the torture of her stepmother, she fled home at the age of 13.’
    • ‘My mother is dead, and my father lives with my stepmother in a town just outside of London.’
    • ‘Sharon goes to live with her stepmother and father, who lectures her on how hard she has made his life.’
    • ‘She reminded her of a woman who babysat for her back when she still had both her father and her stepmother around.’
    • ‘Michael guessed that it was because her stepmother had given her a harsher time than her father had.’
    • ‘I don't need their future stepmother telling me that they are excited about my wedding.’
    • ‘He found his way to the seat at the right of his father, across from his stepmother.’
    • ‘There were many others on the porch, her cousins, stepmothers and other female relatives.’
    • ‘She was on her way home to Barton Farm Cottage where she lived with her father, John, her stepmother and stepsister.’
    • ‘All children are from the same mother, as our stepmother did not beget any children by my father.’
    • ‘Now, more than two decades later, my stepmother nods at my question, glances at my father.’