Definition of stepladder in US English:



  • A short folding ladder with flat steps and a small platform.

    • ‘The higher shelves were still out of reach, but there were handy stepladders in all the bays.’
    • ‘A craftsman joiner, distinguished by his long white apron, poses on a pair of stepladders, apparently putting the finishing touches to an open door.’
    • ‘She said they worked hard to complete the renovations, which transformed the building from a barn with a rickety stepladder and an old straw loft into the working gallery.’
    • ‘When cleaning the guttering of a bungalow, always place one's stepladders at right angles to the exterior walls.’
    • ‘I have rather high ceilings in my apartment, which means the lightbulbs remained dead because even with a stepladder, I'm not tall enough to get to them.’
    • ‘I need a new stepladder but I want to see the height of the ceilings in the next place before we invest.’
    • ‘Again access to flowers on lower branches was by stepladders.’
    • ‘Use a stepladder or tie an extension ladder securely to the tree and keep one hand on it and one on the saw.’
    • ‘In at least one case, that of stepladders, the price has been more than doubled.’
    • ‘He folds up the small stepladder and tucks it under his arm.’
    • ‘If I were really worried, I'd get a stepladder and get up closer to her and see how she reacted… if she didn't seem eager to come down, I'd probably not force the issue.’
    • ‘The store was crammed with stock and staff were on stepladders hanging scarves 12 feet off the floor (either a bizarre new way to display stock or, more likely, an indication that they have nowhere else to put it).’
    • ‘Then, balancing precariously on a stepladder, I rethreaded the rods in the fixture and repositioned all the glass frames except one.’
    • ‘Would the person who took the stepladder yesterday please return it or further steps will be taken.’
    • ‘She isn't one to ask to spend time looking at old pictures, so stowing them on a high shelf requiring a stepladder to reach won't be a problem.’
    • ‘We ate the baked chicken, rice and veggies and finished off with dark chocolate pieces we had to get on a stepladder to reach - they're kept on the top shelf on the cabinet so certain short people don't snack.’
    • ‘On stepladders, never stand on the paint shelf, spreaders or back section.’
    • ‘Double-sided steps are sturdier than a smaller stepladder and are good for more demanding tasks - such as decorating around door frames.’
    • ‘Among the warning labels he had designed were those for stepladders, tampons, and swimming pools.’
    • ‘Behind these barricades are around 100 stepladders, packed leg to hinge.’