Definition of stepdaughter in US English:



  • A daughter of one's husband or wife by a previous marriage.

    • ‘My husband has a stepdaughter from a previous marriage.’
    • ‘I will definitely be buying all of these books for my stepdaughters!’
    • ‘You should take a cue from her husband and see your stepdaughter as a child, too.’
    • ‘He found several messages waiting for him, including a couple from his wife and one from his stepdaughter.’
    • ‘He gained additional wealth, perhaps eight thousand pounds when his stepdaughter died in 1773.’
    • ‘As for map reading - my two teenage stepdaughters are great at navigating.’
    • ‘I've left many times due to my husband's verbal abuse and poor treatment of my oldest daughter, his stepdaughter.’
    • ‘They had a nine-year-old daughter together, and two teenage stepdaughters.’
    • ‘Her stepmother wants the family's boarding house for herself - and is prepared to have her lying stepdaughter committed to an insane asylum to get it.’
    • ‘Your sister will tell you all about it (she's your stepsister, my stepdaughter, but like blood all the same).’
    • ‘One of my stepdaughters spent a year in the U.K. recently, most of it in Scotland, and I asked her over breakfast what she thought of the Scots.’
    • ‘Before my parents married, they each already had a son, and Dad had two stepdaughters as well.’
    • ‘I did this deliberately because I have two stepdaughters who treat me in a very insolent manner and will inherit from their mother.’
    • ‘Yet, it's understandable your mom is being generous to her stepdaughter and getting cozy with her new husband.’
    • ‘He felt compelled to work six days a week to support his eight daughters and stepdaughters.’
    • ‘Today we brought my eldest stepdaughter to see the doctor.’
    • ‘The couple left two sons and an adopted stepdaughter.’