Definition of stepbrother in US English:



  • A son of one's stepparent by a marriage other than that with one's own father or mother.

    • ‘You are still my stepbrother, and I know things about you that our mother doesn't even know.’
    • ‘I have about eight stepsisters and stepbrothers, for a variety of reasons.’
    • ‘Watching events unfold on television Katie said that her immediate thoughts were for her stepbrother.’
    • ‘Plus, his mom and dad are divorced, so he has 2 stepsisters and 3 stepbrothers, plus another ½ sister.’
    • ‘I would like to believe in a world in which rival lovers of the same guy are happily reconciled, stepbrothers instantly bond and the local council is represented by a smiling bureaucrat, but I find it difficult.’
    • ‘How could I forget the fact that Matt and Chris were stepbrothers and probably knew more about each other than they'd ever admit?’
    • ‘And yes, this sort of made Jason her stepbrother in both marriages.’
    • ‘It is estimated that by 2010 there will be more stepfamilies in the UK than biological families and this programme will look specifically at the relationships between stepbrothers and stepsisters.’
    • ‘Such friends as she has live a considerable distance from Plumstead, although she does have two stepbrothers who live not too far away.’
    • ‘But my stepbrother and I are named as equal beneficiaries of my father's estate.’
    • ‘It should be appreciated that brothers, sisters, stepbrothers and stepsisters are not entitled to any share of the inheritance when children and parents of the deceased are alive.’
    • ‘There were reasons for his behaviour: a stepbrother died, his sister was killed in a train crash, his parents broke up and so, recently, did his own marriage.’
    • ‘She noticed her two stepbrothers at the big, cherry oak table, eating pancakes.’
    • ‘The two had been stepbrothers only for a brief while, but had instantly bonded after growing up in unstable families.’
    • ‘In 1963, he left the store to be run by his stepbrothers and opened a new shop on St Aubyn Street.’
    • ‘Helen's memories of long ago are interrupted by her annoying stepbrother when he decides to end his eavesdropping in favor of chocolate cake.’
    • ‘Carolyn leaves behind two brothers and a stepbrother, who were last night said to be totally devastated.’
    • ‘While catching up on some of my favorite sites, I read the following on Melanie's site about her stepbrother.’
    • ‘If so, realize your stepbrother has to adjust to this new family too.’
    • ‘To Paul's relief, his dad had told all his family - including Paul's four stepsisters and two stepbrothers - about his son in England, and they were all thrilled.’