Definition of stent in English:



  • 1A tubular support placed temporarily inside a blood vessel, canal, or duct to aid healing or relieve an obstruction.

    • ‘Complications, however, included migration of the stent, occlusion of the stent and obstructions of the cystic duct.’
    • ‘A ureteral stent was placed to relieve the obstruction.’
    • ‘This unique metal has already proven useful in such medical applications as catheter guidewires, stents, and microsurgery tools.’
    • ‘Research has focused on developing methods to reduce or eliminate the potential for restenosis, including drug-eluting stents and radiation therapy.’
    • ‘Sometimes, the fatty plaques start to develop again inside the stent.’
    1. 1.1 An impression or cast of a part or body cavity, used to maintain pressure so as to promote healing, especially of a skin graft.


Late 19th century: from the name of Charles T. Stent (1807–85), English dentist. The sense tubular support dates from the 1960s.