Definition of stenotype in US English:



  • A machine resembling a typewriter that is used for recording speech in syllables or phonemes.

    • ‘The stenotype works a bit like a portable word processor, but with a modified, 22-button keyboard in place of the standard qwerty setup.’
    • ‘Electronic stenotypes are not autonomous devices; they are linked to a computer.’
    • ‘The stenotype was hard to learn but much easier to use.’
    • ‘It's called a stenotype machine, and it's also used for captioning television broadcasts and general office stenography.’
    • ‘I didn't take shorthand, but used a Stenotype machine.’
    • ‘I can personally attest to that, having tried to learn a similar tool, the court reporter's stenotype machine, with which it is possible to record speech verbatim much faster than any typist can do.’


Late 19th century: from stenography + type.